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  PU inflate-free tyre
  Anti-collision block
  seal ring
  Foam seat cushion
  Body-building equipment part
  Sound insulation sponge
  pu bump stop
  handrail,car door handle
  Kneepads,shoulder pads
  Pillows,bath pillows
  Steering wheel
  PU Float
  Sander tray
Since 1980 our company has been ranked in the forefront of polyurethane development at home and abroad. Our company always regards promoting China's polyurethane development as our duty.

     After the development of 20 years, quite a lot of product series have been formed in our company,such as polyurethane rubber belts, elastomer pouring, mini-foaming (including PU shoe sole,body-biulding appliances,decorating parts for cars), leather coating agents, 2-hydroxy proply acid, special new-type materials, (including front &back shock absorp-tion parts for cars),etc. Up to now, many varieties of types and nearly one thousand of products in our company are widely used in all kinds of industries.

     Our company has set up advanced testing equipments, and built up an effective quality-controlling system. We are are willing to serve the customers and the society whole-heartedly. At the beginning of the new century we will try our best to work hard togeth with people of the same trade for polyure thane in dustry all over the world.
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